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Amber Vinson's Family: "She's Clear of Ebola"

Amber Vinson's Family:

(Akron) - The family of Akron native Amber Vinson says that doctors at the Emory University Medical Center and the Centers for Disease Control tell that family that they can no longer find the ebola virus in Ms. Vinson's body.  She's been cleared to leave isolation. 

Nurse Vinson contracted ebola while caring for Thomas Duncan,  the man who brought the disease from his native Liberia,  at a Dallas hospital. 

Vinson unwittingly caused some anxious days last week when it was learned that she had travelled to Cleveland and Akron only days before being diagnosed with the disease.  Scores of northeast Ohioans who had some contact with Vinson have been monitored for signs of the disease.  None of them has gotten sick.

In a statement, Vinson's family they are "overjoyed. . . these latest developments have truly answered our prayers."  


Photo Credit: Akron Public Schools

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